Robert Duncan
Physical Therapy Tech

Robert Duncan is a Physical Therapy Tech and Endurance Sports Outreach team member with Achieve. Rob ran track in both high school and college at Southern Illinois University, and has accolades including being a 9-time All American and 3-time National Champion in Cross Country and Track. Rob has a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Information Technology (IT), with a concentration in Health Care Systems. Professionally, he uses both degrees to help with patient return-to-sport, psychological handling of injury and fear, as well as the technical aspect of medical software. Rob also has his Personal Training certificate from the American College of Sports Medicine, focusing on Endurance Sports with his coaching license for Illinois High School Association (IHSA) as well as Iowa and Indiana. Rob has coached Elite high school cross country athletes, in 2013, winning state in Iowa and proceeding to Nike Nationals. Through Achieve, Rob manages endurance sports relationships and outreach as well as event planning for seminars and educational programs.