Originally founded in 2001, by Robert Johnson and Ashraf Abdelhamid, Achieve Manual Physical Therapy has been focusing, for over 10 years , on the treatment of chronic pain and orthopedic conditions through the combination of manual therapy techniques, advanced neuromuscular rehabilitation, movement pattern analysis, and the psychological component to injury, health, and wellness.

In 2012, the sports medicine branch of Achieve was born by combining the already existing talents of Achieve staff and welcoming Sports Medicine Program Director, Gina Pongetti Angeletti. With the announcement of her move, and the increasing local community awareness, the sports medicine program has grown and expanded to Naperville and Burr Ridge using a multidisciplinary approach to managing the orthopedic patient—Including prevention, wellness, sponsorship, rehabilitation, and medical community communication.

Our approach to sports medicine is among the best and most respected in the country with a unique concierge service approach to managing all aspects of a patients care. We embody a parallel thought process to the chronic pain patient with a deeply rooted value in working with a patients entire medical team, understanding the psychology of injury and return to play, and presenting the patients and athletes with an all encompassing wellness program.

Gina’s philosophy of treatment goes well beyond the clinic—providing ample connections to the patients medical team, long-standing and respected relationships with the medical community, local and national sports organizations connections—thereby creating a family and team atmosphere of acceptance, motivation, and encouragement where every patient can be successful. After seeing many patients go through the “traditional” physical therapy process with protocols, independent exercise, and minimal hands-on connection, the concept of Achieve Sports Medicine was created to return to a patient-focused practice where patient’s success and treatment are always our number one priority. A diversely educated staff plans and treats each case specifically to the injury goals, needs, and special circumstances of the patient.