Personal Trainers

We work in conjunction with personal trainers during the rehab process to supplement physical therapy; after to transition to sport or return to activity; and from a sports performance perspective for athlete development and maintenance.


Open lines of communication during our screening process, the office visit, diagnosis, therapy, and release to activity allows for a safe and expedient process.

The reason we want to be your first contact for all nonemergency orthopedic care is because finding a perfect physician involves:

  • Personality
  • Availability
  • Schedule
  • Location
  • Speciality
  • Treatment Experience
  • Sport-Specific
  • Sport-Specific Experience
  • Medical Philosophy

We have worked with the top Chicago city and suburban physician for over 15 years and can match you with the best fit for you and your family.

Athletic Trainers

Collaborating with physicians and physical therapists, athletic trainers provide preventative services, emergency on-site care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic interventions and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

All of Achieve's athletic trainers are certified nationally through the Board of Certification (BOC) and licensed to practice in the state of Illinois.

Our certified athletic trainers are on-site for games, practice and/or tournament coverage. Whether your team needs an injury prevention workshop, ankle taping, injury screens, or emergency on-site care- our sports medicine team is there to ensure all athletes can safely perform at the highest possible level.

If your team is interested in having an athletic trainer on-site, please contact us.


Assessment of alignment, muscle activation, and structural soundness is equally as important and complements the manual therapy that we provide.

Nutritionists and Registered Dietitians

Taking care of the body from the inside out helps to aid in recovery, fuel performance, and wellbeing.

Equipment/Specialty Stores

Whether obtaining a gait evaluation for a shoe fitting, or altering blade placement on a skate, industry equipment specialist are fundamental to the perfect of biomechanics, alignment, and performance.

Sports Psychologist

State of mind of the athlete and their parent during the injury process is vital to success of physical rehabilitation and healing. Often also use proactively for safety and performance.


Energy, blood flow, healing, inflammation and recovery can often be assisted by eastern medicine techniques.

Coaches/Sports Organizations

We work with over 40 sports teams clubs and community organizations for injury prevention, health education, injury screening, specialty programs, strength, flexibility, and performance.

Massage Therapists

Because stress is pervasive whether through work, life of play, body work is essential to daily human performance. Contact us for highly screened and certified therapists that specialize in what is best for your condition.