As an outpatient orthopedic clinic, we treat the body from head to toe- literally. Strains, replacements, walking evaluations, recovery from bone breaks, posture challenges and more. We are specialists in athletic injuries and advanced orthopedic procedures- from a depth of understanding of the diagnosis process so that we can get you to the right specialist, to the understanding of the exact progression after complicated surgery, we have the history and the patient numbers to prove it. Our success stories are most often due to allowing the joy to return in our patients’ lives. We have spent countless hours observing physician diagnosis processes and attending conferences and presenting at them as well. Click on injuries to learn more about our treatment philosophy, cutting edge new techniques that we are using, and to get a better understanding of the process of recovery for your specific situation. Get Treated. #achievemore.

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Athlete Spotlight: Michael Brescia

My name is Michael Brescia and I am a senior and captain on the Hinsdale Central football team. I al...
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