As is the case for the spine, holistic evaluation is necessary. The SIJ is the epicenter of motion for gait, standing, rotation, and core motion. It connects each hip, or ilium, to the spine. It allows for attachment of hip muscles that support, flex, move, and extend the legs. The SIJ has to be allowed to move freely, in order to springboard the motion of the hips and legs for lower body walking, kicking, and more. If not in proper position, it can be the triggering factor for everything from foot pain to headaches.

  • Sprains and strains of the SIJ
  • Coccyx pain and misalignment as well as fractures
  • Ligament injuries
  • Hip and pelvic rotation/ilium issues
  • Fascial and gluteal pain
  • Sciatic injuries and complex pain
  • Posture related tension and muscle activation issues
  • Weakness- supporting hip muscles and glutals

Location(s): Burr Ridge, Naperville