Physical Therapy is not just responsive treatment to injuries. It is not just being able to go when a doctor tells you to. It is not for sick, weak, and injured people sonly. The world of PT has the best knowledge in the health care industry for orthopedic preventative measures and philosophies for injury avoidance by simple reversing the knowledge for treatment and applying it to avoidance, anticipation, and education. As we all treat more ACL injuries in soccer, for example, we learn how to screen our players to find athletes predisposed because of weakness, body makeup, endurance deficits and more. By taking this to the ground level at the clubs that we medically manage, future injury rates can be lowered, and athletes make healthier. Our list at our facilities is seemingly endless. We have a coveted AlterG treadmill in both locations. We provide metabolic testing to take your performance to a greater edge, or kick start your health program. We have a world-renowned and respected focus on the Performing Arts that many Broadway, touring, and recording artists rely on. We understand all aspects of Endurance Sports from the water to the road. Our staff goes beyond the clinic to help you to #achievemore.

Athlete Spotlight: Michael Brescia

My name is Michael Brescia and I am a senior and captain on the Hinsdale Central football team. I al...
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