Training and Conditioning

Elite athletes and weekend joggers alike are always looking for technological advancements to help them run farther, faster. The G-Trainer is being adopted by athletic trainers, conditioning specialists, and exercise facilities to augment training and conditioning routines, enhance performance, and provide the most advanced option in reduced-impact exercise.

What is a VO2 Graded Exercise Test?

A way to test oxygen consumption while walking or running on a treadmill. VO2 means Volume of Oxygen. At achieve, we will perform sub-maximal exercise testing to determine how effeciently your body utilizes oxygen. In essense, a VO2 graded exercise test can be a good indicator of aerobic fitness.

Why have a VO2 Graded Exercise Test done?

Since the VO2 graded exercise test is a good indicator of aerobic fitness, performing a test and understanding your results can help make sure that you're training hard enough, that your current training is the most effective training method, and to help you understand your threshold levels and how they can help your cardiorespiratory fitness and endurance.

How long does testing take?

Each test takes approximately 45 minutes. This includes: testing, analysis, and explanation by our exercise physiologist.

*With each VO2 test, you have the option to also take a Resting Metabolic Rate test. This test takes approximately 20 minutes and only requires you to sit and breathe normally. A resting metabolic rate test can provide you with the amount of calories your body uses at rest. This can be extremely beneficial for clients looking to lose weight, gain weight, or work on weight maintenance.

How much does this cost?

There are a variety of payment options available. Achieve uses a tiered payment system based on current relationship.

If you have any questions regarding payment information, scheduling, or other services we offer please contact our Burr Ridge Sports Medicine clinic at (630) 371-1623 or

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