Foam Roll

Foam rolls have been used for years as a means of self-treatment for trigger points or “knots” in muscles. Releasing these adhesions within the muscle tissues can be instrumental to a person’s overall recovery. Foam rolling is most effective when used in combination with manual therapy and an appropriate therapeutic exercise program or after a completed course of physical therapy. There are various tools available to assist in this goal, of which the foam roll is the least aggressive and is tolerated well by most individuals.

Grid Roller

The Grid is a step above a foam roll that offers 3D contours for increased benefit. It offers the same therapeutic effects as a foam roll but has an advertised ability to increase oxygen and blood-flow to the muscles due to its shape. The Grid is more aggressive than a foam roll but not as aggressive as a trigger point roller.

Trigger Point Roller

This roller comes in two sizes to accommodate larger and smaller muscle groups. While this is the most aggressive of the three rollers, it also provides a deeper release of knots and tender spots with brief, daily use.

Trigger Point Ball

The TP Factor Massage Ball is a great choice for muscles that are in areas not easily reached by rollers or that are very deep and stubborn. While this instrument can be quite aggressive, you have more control of the pressure applied by using it against a wall or on the floor with your body weight. An added benefit of this product is that it will easily fit in a purse or a gym bag.

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