Graston Technique ™ is a form of specialized instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables your physical therapist to more effectively detect and treat scar tissue and restrictions in soft tissue that can affect normal function during daily activities. This treatment is performed only by experienced professionals that are trained in Graston Technique ™.

Graston has been shown to:
  • Separate and break down collagen cross-links, enabling more effective motion in connective tissue and muscle fibers
  • Increase skin temperature and promotes blood flow into the area
  • Decreases reflexive muscle tension in muscles that are in the chronic holding pattern
  • Increases cellular activity in region, including fibroblasts and mast cells. This helps in restructuring soft tissue for effective healing
Which patients benefit the most from Graston Technique ™
  • Post-surgical patients to prevent scar tissue deposition and build up at surgical and incision sites
  • Athletes to restore normal soft tissue balance and alignment, and to reduce myofascial restrictions
  • Chronic injuries to reduce reflexive soft tissue tone and tightness
  • Effective in restoring function for patients with sprains and strains
Don’t believe how effective it is?
  • Click here for outcome summary data showing positive results for 17 most common diagnoses treated.

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