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News & Articles from Achieve Sports Medicine - May 2020 Newsletter

In this month's newsletter, we learn about Katya Sidelnik and her business Inner Jasmine - Yoga & Wellness Studio; Achieve Co-Owner, Gina Pongetti Angeletti, writes about the importance of keeping up with your exercise routine during these times, and we hear from 2 elite runners and their journeys to the Olympic Trials in Atlanta!

In the Community: Inner Jasmine - Yoga & Wellness Studio

Read about Inner Jasmine - Yoga & Wellness Studio's owner, Katya Sidelnik, came to start her business as well as the philosophies that she looks to instill in each one of her clients.  To read the whole artile click here!

Sometimes in life, you just need change. This change is usually brought about for one of two reasons: want or necessity. When you talk to Katya Sidelnik, you will find out that it was a combination of both that took her from life’s first passion, dancing, to her current passion, yoga. Katya is one of the lucky ones among us who has been able to take her passion and make it into her business with Inner Jasmine – Yoga & Wellness Studio.

Katya’s first passion was dancing, and she did it at many different levels from middle school all the way to a dance company spanning over 2 decades. However, as many elite dancers can attest, she sustained many injuries throughout her dancing years. None more severe than when she partially dislocated her hip. Still wanting to perform in an upcoming summer tour, she went and danced anyway. When Katya returned, she had completely misaligned and construed her body. “I was given two options: stop dancing or continue and I would need a hip replacement before I was 35 years old,” Katya explains. The options presented as suitable were swimming or yoga. “I have always said that was one of the worst, best things that ever happened to me.” She continues, “It made me find another outlet in my world that I enjoy. Not that I don’t miss dancing. It will always be my first love and my hearts passion. But I did need to find a different way of creating balance for my life, and yoga was doorway for it.”

So many of us are used to working out at home. For many reason, it is more convenient especially if we travel for a living and are short for time, have small children at home, or simply a busy lifestyle. Others really thrive on the community that forms from going to a gym or studio to take classes, get a way from the home, not be bothered by family/work and truly disconnect. In our current environment, we are all either at home, or outside in our yards doing our best to stay motivated to be healthy, use the equipment that we have, and pick the most appropriate group or 1:1 fitness leadership that meets our goals!

For some, that is watching one person lead us in exercise on a Facebook Live video. Others thrive on Zoom, where they are able to see what their peers are doing (pending everyone's privacy approval of course!). Some are taking 1:1 classes for yoga, pilates, flexibility, injury prevention, fitness, personal training, sport-specific enhancement and more. It truly is all available, it is just a matter of what fits you the best.

Physical Therapy Corner: The Importance of Continuing Your Exercise Routine in a Non-Routine Time by Gina Pongetti Angeletti, MPT, MA, BS, CSCS, ART-Cert. Co-Owner of Achieve Sports Medicine

Achieve co-owner, Gina Pongetti Angeletti why it is important to keep up your exercise routine during these times even if it needs to be remotely through streaming.  To read the full article, click here!

Physician's Corner: Interview with Dr. Tushar Dabade, MD, FAAD

Tushar Dabade MD, FAAD is a board certified dermatologist with Burt and Will Plastic Surgery Dermatology, a leading provider of aesthetic treatments around the Western Suburbs. Dr. Dabade believes “Dermatologic care should be individualized to you, and delivered in a trustworthy, professional manner.” Achieve was fortunate to talk with Dr. Dabade on his crucial role in a multidisciplinary medical team.

Read the full interview with Dr. Dabade here!

Achieve Co-Owner, Gina Pongetii Angeletti, is sitting on the expert referral panel for The Sport Doctor! 

Achieve is proud to announce that Co-Owner Gina is sitting on the expert referral panel along with the best in Sports Health in the US including medical doctors, psychologists, coaches and more!  The Sport Doctor specializes in Sports Medicine and Performance Program creation for athletes, their parent, and coaches!

To find out more information on The Sport Doctor and to see the whole expert panel, visit their website by clicking here!

iSport360 - Youth Sports Development Platform

Is your team or club still fully connected between its coaches and players & parents?  If not, take a peek at iSport360 - a virtual training platform to keep youth sports connected!  Due to this crisis that we are all facing, iSports is giving away their app for free to help teams stay connected this season!  Right now, over 100,000 coaches, players and parents depend on iSport360 to keep their team connected and strong, and they are looking to keep even more athletes and their families connected during this very trying time.

To find out more information on iSport360 and to register your team/club, please visit their website today!

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