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Enhance Fitness Studio

Mike Padua, Owner and Personal Trainer

When it comes to personal trainers, many say that they are a dime a dozen.  Really? You would trust someone valueless to spot you, to teach you, to help you? Not me. The best part of my job is building quality relationships with people that our patients and staff trust. Thankfully, Achieve patients and staff have a variety of personal trainers and fitness professionals that they trust—Mike Padua is one of those.

Truth is, Mike’s is not new to the Achieve Ortho family. Sports Medicine Director, Gina Pongetti has worked with Mike and his clients for more than a decade. Mike is the owner of Enhance Fitness Studio (6475 Joliet Road A1000, Countryside, IL, 60525), which caters to youth sports performance, elite levels, and adult sport performance.  

During college, Mike noticed that most communities around the Chicagoland area were decreasing their P.E. programs in school. Additionally, there were no facilities that would cater to youth fundamentals or complex motor development. From that point on, Mike made it a goal to create a facility that catered to motor skills and integrated strength for youth sports performance.  What started off as a goal is now a reality for Mike and his staff at Enhance Fitness Studio. Read our interview with Mike below:

Q: Tell us how Enhance Fitness got started.

 Enhance Fitness Studio got started with a goal of mine back in college.  While I was studying Physical Education at De Paul University I noticed that most communities around the Chicagoland area were decreasing their P.E. programs in school plus there were no facilities that cater to youth fundamental to complex motor development.  A lot of facilities will focus on high school and elite levels of training (15 – 22 years old) but not motor skills and integrated strength for youth sport performance (8 – 15 years old). From that point on it was my goal to create a facility that caters to  youth sport performance, elite levels, and adult sport performance.


Q: What are some new additions/upcoming events/programs that you would like the community to be aware of? 

 32 day Vertical Training Program to help athletes gain inches, power, and control in three main jump patterns.  Starts August 20th.

 28 day Adult Transformation Program.  This program is loaded with a 4 week grocery list, recipies, and scheduled customized workouts.  Starts in September.

 Personalized Fitness Training (PFT) – is a semi-private personal training program that delivers customized/individualized training programs at the studio for the fraction of the cost of 3 personal training sessions. Enrollment has started.

 GROUPON for our Adult Group Fitness Classes


Q: What advice would you give to someone that is recovering from injury and nervous about working out again? 

 Form over speed and speed will follow.  Athletes are always looking to get back to their sport as quickly as possible.  Never look for short cuts and don’t lack discipline in your practice.  Instead, practice patience, form, and function to build the body correctly.

  Q: How important is it to have good communication with your clients' Physical Therapists at Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute? 

 Super important.  Just like in any team sport, a team that works together is a team with the most success.  Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers are both designing programs to help the client get to better physical health.  Collaborating and communicating is important to keep the client progressing to get them back to great health.


Q: What is your main population focus at the studio? And how do you serve everyone from kids to adults? Where do you think personal training falls short at larger facilities, and how do you keep your quality so high?

 We like to say EFS is an innovative fitness community for the family.  We treat everyone as an athlete that comes to the studio.  Our goal is to give you the best fitness program for your goals and help you properly progress through your program to get you safely and effectively to your goal.  From early morning boot camps, to mid-day semi-private personal training, to our after school youth sport performance, with personal training and cardio boxing sprinkled between, we offer a full service of functional fitness to the family’s in our community.  What we pride ourselves on is that when you enter the studio you are not a number instead you are big part of the EFS community.  Our community is awesome!  Every single one of them.  Everyone in our community is friendly, supportive, and encouraging to other community members.  Our community separates us from other personal training studios and larger facilities were most people become a number.


Interested in checking out EFS?

Enhance Fitness Studio

6475 Joliet Road A1000

Countryside, IL 60525

(708) 837- 4348



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