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In the Community November 2015
MFC Sports Performance
“A Force to Be Reckoned With!”

Every month, we try to highlight a company that mirrors our own values in regards to patient care and commitment to the community. This month we were able to speak to one of the co-founders of MFC Sports Performance, Adam Kamuda.

Q. What is the cornerstone of MFC Sports Performance that really sets you apart from the rest of your industry?

A. At MFC Sports Performance, we place an emphasis on helping kids to become stronger. A lack of strength is the number one thing we see holding kids back from excelling in competition even more than they currently are. MFC Sports Performance is unlike any other business in the sports performance world. The trainers at MFC Sports Performance are experts at helping kids to gain strength, which then translates into greater speed. We want athletes to develop as much force production as possible. Our trainers not only know how to set up and execute outstanding workout programs, our trainers also know how to motivate kids and adults to reach their full potential. Our professional, experienced trainers aim to get the most out of each athlete that is part of our program.

Q. What exactly is MFC Sports Performance, and what do you offer the public?

A. MFC Sports Performance specializes in training sports teams. We also have classes for kids and adults throughout the week. Individual and small group training options are also available. One of the great parts about training at MFC is that all training sessions take place with professional trainers. MFC trainers guide clients through each and every thoughtfully planned-out workout. All workouts are designed to yield high-quality results.

Q. If an athlete is finishing recovery from an injury and is still attending physical therapy 1 day a week, how can having the athlete pair with MFC Sport Performance be very beneficial? How do you work together with physical therapy(Achieve)?

A. While athletes are finishing completing their physical therapy at Achieve, training with MFC can be highly beneficial for the them. Achieve will provide us with safety guidelines for the athletes and we will use those to develop a comprehensive programs. MFC can help to take athletes from regaining strength and getting back to performing their daily activities to gaining additional strength and feeling powerful. MFC and Achieve have different equipment at their respective facilities, and this difference in equipment helps to enable the comprehensive program that is designed to be appropriately executed.

Q. Why is communication important between the clinics/therapists and MFC Sports Performance?

A. Safety is paramount at MFC Sports Performance and Achieve. It’s so important to have good communication between our trainers and Achieve’s therapists. It’s our goal to help take athletes to the next level while making certain that we understand and adhere to any limitations they may have. Written reports and verbal communication are vital to the success of the training program designed for athletes that are also taking part in physical therapy with Achieve. We will provide feedback to Achieve’s therapist so they know what exercises are being performed during sessions with MFC and how the athlete is progressing in their training.

Spots are filling up fast for MFC Sports Performance’s fall and winter sessions. If you’re interested in training sessions for yourself or for an athlete, give them a call today at (630) 796-2537.

With a free session for new clients, they can experience MFC Sports Performance and become “A Force To Be Reckoned With”!

Adam Kamuda
MFC Sports Performance
8251 S. Lemont Rd.
Darien, IL 60561


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