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In the Community
Acceleration Sports
Performance Naperville, IL

1710W. Quincy Ave.,
Naperville, IL, 60540

Whether you're a weekend warrior, trying to stay in shape or a professional athlete, Acceleration Naperville provides quality trainers and programs to help athletes reach their goals. Achieve has worked with Acceleration trainers to provide athletes with a solid strength foundation, injury prevention exercises, flexibility programs, and patient education.

We had an opportunity to sit down with JR Niklos, Director of Sports Performance, to talk about why Acceleration works
What makes Acceleration different from other speed/agility/strength programs?
“Our expert trainers, our sports specialized equipment, and our science backed progressive training.”

What type of client is your favorite and why?
“I love training any hard worker. We do the rest. My favorite athletes are not necessarily the pro athletes we train, but the ones that come in as backups and leave as starters.”

Describe your training philosophy.
“Teach-Test-Train. We teach athletes what we want to accomplish, we test them in that area to set a measurable number, and then we train them to improve. Once they improve we take their training up a notch and repeat.”

How can Acceleration be a great follow up for someone just completing physical therapy at Achieve Ortho?
“We bridge the gap from physical therapy to playing the sport to make sure they are beyond prepared for whatever demands they may face.”

How does Achieve Ortho help your athletes? Why do you recommend us?
“[Achieve] helps heal athletes faster and correct any ailments they may have. Injuries and pains set limitations on the athlete. Achieve helps up break through those limitations. Achieve has done a great job getting athletes back to full speed faster and by setting a strong foundation to prevent the injury from occurring again.”

Why should an athlete train with Acceleration year-round?
“We customize every program for every athlete whether they are in their off-season, pre-season, mid-season, or post-season. We train athletes the smart way so that they do not over train yet see results year round.”


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