Athlete Spotlight: Adam Zucco

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Achieving More with Adam Zucco.

A tri-athlete’s journey


When you Google “Adam Zucco” you get everything from his company, TrainingBible Coaching, to his multiple course records, even a coach of the year award. With all the coaching, training for multiple triathlons a year, and a wedding a few months ago, I often wonder if Adam ever has time to himself?  


For those that are unaware, an ironman distance triathlon consists of a 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike, and finally a 26.2 mile run.  For the run alone, experts recommend training consistently for a year.  For elite athletes, like Adam, a light week consists of approximately 28 hours of training.  Why does he do it?


“Triathlon has become a lifestyle,” Adam says, “I enjoy hanging around like minded people naturally and I like exposing my family to successful, healthy, and goal oriented people.”  Adam credits his good role models and friends in the sport to help him keep pushing when times get tough. In fact, all of the tough times that he’s had have helped him to be more relatable to his clients.  Understanding that life gets hectic has allowed Adam to give ideas and tips on “how to work through things and achieve a balance”.


 “It all comes down to communication and setting expectations. It’s important to have open communication with your coach, your family, and yourself.”  When Adam was young, open communication with himself did not occur until he joined the Marines. When he joined the Marines, he had to loose 50 pounds and he realized then…and remembers now… just how hard that was.


“I never want to be back in that situation again. I couldn’t even run a mile. I’ve always liked having goals to help keep me on my fitness track and so triathlon has been a perfect fit for me.”


Triathlon has not only kept Adam in shape, but the sport also afforded him the opportunity to coach and teach others how to be successful in the sport.


“Along the way I’ve always sought out the best help I could find, one of those was Joe Friel, who is the world’s leading endurance coach (and author of the Training Bible book series).  He and I worked together from 2001 until 2005 when we decided to start TrainingBible Coaching and assemble a group of the worlds leading triathlon coaches. We’ve always sought out coaches with a high level of knowledge, but who are also relatable, so we can work with everyone”


For those that are just starting out in the sport, Adam says the key to success is to set expectations.

“Set expectations properly and realize the time commitment involved. More important than random acts of training is consistency.  Try to create an environment where you can be consistent.  Objective feedback is critical in anything in life and having someone you can confide in and help guide you in turn is only going to be beneficial.  Having a credible coach will give you confidence when starting your next event knowing you’ve done the correct preparation. “


Having a minor setback is something every athlete has to deal with—Adam is no different.  How a person reacts to a setback is what separates the elite athletes from amateurs ones.


“Like everything I’ve ever done in the sport, I have always sought out the best information and the best people” Adam says.  When it comes to physical therapy and sports medicine services, “Achieve [Orthopedic Rehab Institute] and it’s staff are committed to helping athletes at the highest level of service, which fits perfectly with everything TrainingBible Coaching believes in.”  


Adam’s dedication, passion, and love of the sport is inspiring. Through setbacks and constant struggles he continues to train consistently, coach with fervor, and surround himself with the most knowledgeable people in their field.


“I’ve always told all my athletes, this is your one shot at this, be uncompromising at who you have help you.”


Thank you Adam, for allowing us to help you #AchieveMore!  


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