Physician's Corner: Dr. Holly Benjamin, MD, FACSM

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Physician’s Corner

Dr. Holly J. Benjamin, MD, FACSM

University of Chicago

Sports Medicine Specialist

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Every month we select a physician to highlight for our newsletter. We strive to have an open line of communication with doctors that our patients work with. Our open line of communication allows every aspect of your health-care to be taken care of in the most effective way. We choose to educate you on doctors that are in the top of their field, great team players, and exemplify the quality of standards that Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute possesses.


Dr. Holly Benjamin is all of those things—a communicator, a great physician, and an important aspect of our healthcare team.  She has been regionally and nationally recognized for her expertise in treating all types of athletic injuries in young patients.   Dr. Benjamin works with a variety of pediatrics athletes—from rugby players to dancers, and gymnasts to soccer players.


Achieve, and more specifically Gina Pongetti (Sports Medicine Owner/Director), has been honored to work with Dr. Benjamin throughout the years.  We had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Benjamin and ask her why she pursued a career in medicine, her advice about concussion care, and more.


Q: Why did you get into pediatrics and more specifically, sports medicine?


A: Early on I realized I love children and teaching. I had a talent for science and math in school and coupled with a desire to help people, I took a very traditional path into medicine. Pediatrics was the field in which I could work with children and impact their future in a positive way. I love to use my hands to do procedures so I did strongly consider orthopedic surgery but because I liked treating the whole person and I liked both medical problems and orthopedic problems, I went into sports medicine. I have had a lifelong love of sports and have participated in many sports throughout my life. I love athletes for their passion, dedication, work ethic and healthy lifestyles.


Q: With concussion care being highlight in the past few years, what advice would you give to parents wanting to ensure their child’s safety in sport?


A: With regard to concussion care, education is key. Teach kids to understand signs and symptoms and encourage them to speak up if they get hit in the head or don’t feel well. 

            Secondly, is to encourage proper techniques in sports where the head is involved: like tackling in football or heading in soccer. Lastly, is to be cautious and conservative when returning to your sport after a concussion. It is only truly safe to return when you are back to your baseline and feel 100% like yourself.  If a young athlete gets a concussion or suspects a head injury, I strongly recommend seeing a sports medicine specialist to get checked out.


Q: In some cases, why is it important for a child to see a pediatrics sports medicine specialist rather than a general practitioner?


A: I think you decide to see a sports specialist the same way you decide to see any specialist like a cardiologist, gastroenterologist, or a surgeon—when you need specialty advice from a doctor who has a lot of experience. So, a young athlete who has sports related injury needs a doctor who can make an accurate diagnosis and most importantly give good advice on the proper treatment for the injury. Lastly, a sports specialist, like myself, understands the sport and can advise on safe participation whether that is modified activity or planning a return-to-play after being out.



Dr. Benjamin has a variety of practice locations.

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