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In the community:
 Energie Demi2Bar Pilates
 By: Marissa Parker, MSEd, ATC

Energie Demi*Bar Pilates in Hinsdale is not for the faint of heart The biggest mistake anyone can make is reading their “Pilates, Fitness, Spa” description and think that they only cater to a specific population. I must admit, when I was invited by co*founder, Jenifer Zeno, to take a group pilates reformer class, I jumped at the opportunity In my head, this was going to be a perfect, “easy*day”. I was SO wrong.
As I write this article, my hamstrings, triceps, and pectoral muscles are screaming at me I was blown away by the full body workout I received on the reformer. As a long*term soccer player, I have participated in a variety of workouts but never something like this. There was a perfect combination of hard*work, safe low*impact joint movement, and a lot of education!
As we began to work on the reformers, it was not hard to point out the first timer in the group. If you glance at the picture above, the gray shirt sweaty woman is me The two women next to me (you may recognize the one in the pink) were focused, smiling, and ready to move onto the next exercise. Even though I was struggling with many of the exercises, the cueing and help from Jenifer kept me pushing. In fact, Jenifer and co*owner Sheila Grace started their journey with the same curiosity and drive that brought me in to take a class.
After working in a hotel together and re*connecting many years later, Sheila and Jenifer started taking barre classes together as a way to reconnect and get a great workout in. After trying many classes they were unimpressed with the core work barre classes were offering. They decided to start their own Demi*Bar Pilates studio in order to incorporate the amount of core that women need. Just like that their journey began. They both decided to educate themselves with personal training certifications, pilates and yoga instructor certifications, and now, business owners. Their drive to be healthy and fit while helping others has now transformed into Energie Demi*Bar Pilates.

Energie Demi*Bar Pilates does not just offer Demi*Bar Pilates and yoga, in fact that is not even half of what they offer
When class was over, Jenifer offered a tour of their studio. Our first stop was the hair salon on the first floor. Like the rest of the studio, the open, clean salon fit  right into the personality of Energie. As we walked upstairs, I noticed Jenifer talking to every client that walked past. They all seemed to know her and felt extremely comfortable. Jenifer proceeded to tell me about the variety of athletes that come through the door.
“People who understand the importance of physical fitness and nutrition for longevity,” she responds when asked about her clients. If not already busy enough; Jenifer and Shiela have added another amazing service to their wellness studio—a 12 week weight loss program. “Clients who follow the plan lose a ½ pound per week. They learn how to lose weight and then use this new knowledge to consistently lose weight until their goal is reached.” Introducing nutrition counseling, health education, and group sessions has helped many clients be successful. Most recently, a client lost 30 pounds and is happily maintaining her weight since her 12 week plan ended.
As we were discussing the weight loss program a graduated Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute patient walked up to say hello. She was so excited to tell me about how much she loved Energie Demi*Bar Pilates:

“They’re great here I have never been to a fitness studio that really cares about me and my goals. They know so much and always take extra time to answer my questions and help me out. I would give my highest recommendation to them,” she said.
I would have to agree Working with mutual patients in the past has allowed us to gain a tremendous amount of respect for Jenifer, Sheila, and their entire staff. It is reassuring to know that when our patients need just a little extra core or strength work that they will be in good hands at Energie Demi*Bar Pilates.


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