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Right Fit

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by Stephen Miwa

“Movement is the universal language that bridges barriers and enhances life.” – Suzanne M. Gray

 This is the motto that creator and owner, Suzanne M. Gray, has established for Right Fit, an all-inclusive fitness and wellness facility based in Willowbrook, IL.  With all of her staff working hard to uphold the integrity of this motto, Right Fit has been growing steadily and recently opened up their first ever satellite location in LaGrange, IL.  Akin to most successful business stories is an owner with a passion who is not going to give up on their dream—Suzanne is no different.

 As a collegiate athlete in her own right, Suzanne knows the importance of movement and exercise for daily living.  After graduating with her Masters from Western Illinois, she moved to Chicago where she worked in the Chicago Public School system as a Physical Education teacher and eventually moved into the private sector.  No matter where she went, Suzanne felt restricted with the programs and services that she could run, so she thought to herself, “I’m going to open my own place, even if it’s in my basement.”  And that is exactly what she did.  It started by taking some of her clients who had expressed interest in what she would be doing, and it started to grow, all by word of mouth, until she was able to open up Right Fit’s first location in Willowbrook, IL.

 From its humble beginning, Right Fit has been able to grow because of their amazing clients, their dedicated staff, and their focus on program design.  Right Fit has made sure to set themselves apart from other companies by retaining the best possible staff which in turn makes for the best experience for their clients.  With this well experienced staff, Right Fit is able to offer programs and classes for the entire spectrum of clients.  Programs are individually designed to fit elite level athletes, aging adults, individuals coming out of physical therapy transitioning back to daily activities, and even those with special needs.  

 Since many schools in the area do not offer adaptive physical education programs at their facilities, many of these children were not getting the necessary physical education classes they deserved.  Right Fit stepped in and currently provides the adaptive physical education program creation and instruction for children with special needs.  Additionally, Right Fit serves as the Fitness Consultant for ProActive Kids (PAK)- an early intervention program for kids 8 to 14 years old who are in the 85th percentile or higher for Body Mass Index (BMI).  Right Fit creates the fitness curriculum for the program and has been a member of their board since its inception. As the title sponsor of the Run the Ridge 5K- an ever growing event in its 12th year, Right Fit has also been able to help raise awareness and funds for PAK.  Adding to their all-inclusive fitness facility motto, Right Fit created the Raise the Bar program.  Raise the Bar is a fitness program for youth who have been diagnosed with Autism, which causes sensory issues where they cannot focus to exercise or workout.  The program works by teaching certain cues to individuals so they can zone in on an exercise and learn how to perform the steps correctly and safely.

 With everything that Right Fit has to offer, Suzanne’s goal of being an all-inclusive training facility has surely been met and surpassed.  This all started because she saw that there was a need in the community that was not being met by traditional facilities, and now Right Fit has two locations serving the community.  No one should feel intimidated when they walk into a Right Fit.  No one should think of Right Fit as just another place where they can do interval training.  Right Fit’s mindset is different because they believe that progression never stops whether that is an elite athlete trying to make it to the next level or an individual with Autism learning how to exercise to help better their daily life.  There is no exclusivity, and this is what makes Right Fit great and sure to continue growing in the future.

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