Physician's Corner: Dr. Camille Fox, D.C.

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Physician's Corner: Dr. Camille Fox, D.C. 

by Stephen Miwa 

We are proud to be part of one of the most inclusive facilities in the Midwest, Diamond Edge Academy, and this month we continue our spotlight tour with another important piece within the Academy, Dr. Camille Fox, D.C.  Dr. Fox is part of an exceptional group all available at Diamond Edge Academy, including recovery, physical therapy, athletic trainers, chiropractors, biomechanists, exercise physiologists and others that provide each client/athlete with the ability to maximize their potential.  While Dr. Fox is a licensed chiropractor who owned a practice for many years in Naperville, her true passion is sports optimization through nutrient therapy.  “For many years, I readjusted the body.”  Dr. Fox continues, “now I readjust the brain through nutrition.” 

One of the largest separators between a good athlete and an elite athlete is how they handle high-pressure situations and if they falter due to anxiety.  No matter the level- adolescent, high school, college, or even professionals- there will be times throughout a game that will put pressure on a player.  A loud crowd, a growing deficit, a close game, or many other factors can make something an athlete has practiced seem exponentially harder in the moment.  Dr. Fox attributes this to a chemical imbalance in the athlete that she treats with an individualized nutrient therapy protocol.  “An athlete could be in the best physical shape, but that may not mean anything if they can’t handle the stress of a game,” Dr. Fox says.

So how does the process work?  Dr. Fox starts with a complete physical exam including running blood work, a urine analysis, body measurements, and taking a detailed family history.  All of this is done for very specific reasons.  Results from the blood work are used to see blood cell counts and if there is general inflammation in the body though SED rates.  The urine analysis is used to check many different biomarker levels to see if one may have a pyrrole disorder (a disorder that can cause very high anxiety) or others.  Body measurements are taken so that when nutrient protocols are written they are specific to the individual.  And finally, the family history is examined to get an idea of the genetics that run in the family and to see if there could be history of problems that may need to be taken into account.  Once the initial exam and consultation is complete, Dr. Fox also requests that all current supplements the athlete is taking which can include protein shakes or others be brought in so she can inspect and see exactly what is in them.  She does this to make sure that when the protocol is written the levels are not thrown off by something already being included in a taken supplement.  Recommendations may also be given to switch to different brands if she finds a possible conflict down the line.

What are Dr. Fox’s nutrient protocols?  All of Dr. Fox’s protocols are completely free of drugs, and everything she achieves is done with dietary based supplements.  These can cover the whole gambit from B Vitamins, to Glutamine, to Zinc, or many others, but every protocol that Dr. Fox writes is based upon the results of blood work, urine analysis, and exam that she conducts.  “I don’t guess at anything.  Whatever the analysis shows is what I follow.”  She continues, “It’s very scientific, and it’s all proven.”  Dr. Fox takes all of the data and writes her protocol on a prescription style paper that the athlete then takes to a health supplement store to pick up the items.  They then will follow the amounts listed and when to take them (morning or evening) to start rebalancing their body’s biochemistry.

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Does the nutrient protocol ever change?  It can.  Six months after the athlete has been following the protocol prescribed by Dr. Fox, she runs a new blood test and urine analysis to see how the athlete’s biochemistry has changed.  Dr. Fox explains, “your biochemistry will change after six months, so from those numbers we readjust and make the necessary changes for each individual.”  With every protocol, Dr. Fox also sends the athlete a nutrition guide with what types of food groups they should be consuming for the goals they have.  With this, Dr. Fox teaches how to read food labels and also has plenty of options for those with dietary restrictions or preferences.  “We can go from Option A to Option B or C fully depending on their needs,” she reassures.

All of this is done in order to help get one’s biochemistry back to peak levels, and when that takes place the brain can focus better, process quicker, and handle stress more efficiently.  That is Dr. Fox’s goal- sports optimization through nutrition.  All that she asks is that an athlete sticks to their plan the same way they stick with their training regimen.  Dr. Fox concludes, “When you pair the two together, we can get an athlete towards their goal of 100% optimization.”

For more information about Dr. Fox and her Nutrient Therapy, please call her office within Diamond Edge Academy at (630) 908-7984.

7850 S. Quincy St.

 Willowbrook, IL 60527


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