Physician's Corner: Q&A with Dr. Michael C. Moy

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Michael C. Moy, Lac, T.C.M.D is a native of China and has studied Chinese medicine graduating from the University of Chinese Medicine of Guangzhou, China.   Dr. Moy is also a Licensed Acupuncturist and board member of the Asian American Acupuncture Association.  Achieve was happy to sit down with Dr. Moy and ask him a few questions and his background and practice!
Achieve: How did you get started in medicine, describe your journey?
Dr. Moy: I always have had a passion about ancient Chinese Medicine.  As I was growing up living in a small village in China, I was exposed to natural Chinese folk medicine and it amazed me seeing the results.  For example I have seen the heeling of a broken arm in 2 weeks and the removal a tumor in my arm using fire to burn it off then wrap it with fresh natural herbal leaves. after 3 days.  I removed the wrap and everything was heeled perfectly and left no scars on my skin. During my teenage years, I ran into different people who taught me many different kinds of natural healing medicine. All of this lead me to decide to go on my journey as a Chinese Medicine doctor.

Achieve:  How did you end up focusing on acupuncture?
Dr. Moy:  I practiced Chinese martial arts at a young age.  I had some injuries due to the martial art training and was treated by my master with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I was very impressed with the results. One of my relatives in China recommended me to study formally in Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine where I had opportunity to learn from several very famous acupuncture professors. So, I decided to focus on acupuncture.
Achieve:  What is the most interesting diagnosis that you have great success with?
Dr. Moy:  I have treated many interesting cases. One area that I treat very successfully is sports related injuries. I have had patient who came to see me with 10/10 low back pain due to sports injury. His pain was down to be virtually gone after one treatment.  Another example is an older gentleman can to visit me with low back pain that he has been suffering with for many, many years. I got his pain to go away in 8 sessions.  With his case, I used a very old traditional acupuncture style just to see if something improbable might work, and we had great success. 

Achieve:  From an orthopedic perspective, how does acupuncture help with swelling, pain and healing?
Dr. Moy:  Acupuncture needling will improve blood circulation to local region where there is swelling and pain which will help in its reduction.  The healing process will then speed up due to the improved blood circulation.  Acupuncture needling in some distal points will also cause the favorable changes of neurotransmitters which may also help stop pain.
Achieve:  What are the common misconceptions about acupuncture that you see in your practice?
Dr. Moy:  There is one major misconception: since the mechanism of acupuncture on our body is not as fully and broadly studied, some believe that acupuncture treatments are not scientific and medically sound.  It is quite false.  Although we are not able to understand fully and document all the changes that acupuncture does within the body, the clinical efficacy of acupuncture on many medical conditions is well documented by many clinical studies.
Achieve:  How do you complement traditional western orthopedic medicine?
Dr. Moy:  The diagnosis and evaluations performed by licensed orthopedic surgeons help acupuncturists to design a more specific acupuncture treatment strategy for the individual. Acupuncture treatments can be used before or after an orthopedic procedure. Before a procedure, patients can use acupuncture treatment to help alleviate the pain and relax without using pharmaceutical products. After a procedure, acupuncture treatment can be used together with physical therapies to promote and speed up recovery.
For more information about Dr. Moy’s practice, please visit his website at:
Acupuncture Health Center
7320 S. Madison Street, Suite 900
 Willowbrook, IL 60527


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