Athlete Spotlight: Charlie Sessa

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     My name is Charlie Sessa and I play football and basketball at Hinsdale Central High School. I have played football and basketball my entire life as well as other sports like baseball and soccer when I was much younger. I am going to Columbia University to play football and plan on majoring in economics.

Charlie Sessa (left)

       1. When did you first know that you wanted to be involved in collegiate athletics?  
I have always loved sports and when I was injured and couldn’t play for a year, I realized that I wasn’t ready to give up sports yet. I knew I would want to play past high school.
       2. What has been the biggest challenge to staying healthy, fit, and motivated for sports during this pandemic?
My motivation to workout hasn’t diminished but being able to find places to work out or play basketball has been hard. Especially now with it getting too cold to play outside. 
       3. What has been your routine?  Was it provided to you, or did you come up with it yourself?
I try to work out once or twice a day after school. I always take Sunday's off. 
       4. Have you noticed any difference in your competitiveness by participating in fewer/no events, scrimmages, games?
I have become much more competitive at little things because I am not able to compete as often.
       5. How have you used this time to rehab and strengthen your body for when events do get back to more normalcy?
I have been working on my speed and strength as well as my individual skills for both football and basketball as much as I can.
       6. How do you plan to incorporate what you have done during this time into your old routine to help you stay healthier going forward?
Once I can start going back to school full-time, I will still have my workouts after school and even before school sometimes.
       7. What do you look forward to most going forward into next year/your upcoming season?
I am hoping that I can compete in both football and basketball and have as normal of a senior year as possible. 
       8. You have been to Achieve for a couple of injuries, can you briefly describe your injuries and how the rehabilitation at Achieve helped you to return to competitive athletics.
I went to Achieve for both a broken leg and a herniated disc. Coach Kruse and Achieve helped me stay focused and patient through the midst of my long recovery. I came out of my injury stronger and faster than before. 

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