The Science Behind It
  • To get muscles to grow (hypertrophy) the new theory is Metabolite Theory
  • Old is the Mechanical Load Theory = 70% 1RM, 3x week, 12 weeks, which creates muscle soreness after for 24-48 hours and sometimes more. Needed that time in order to heal, because of damage to cells themselves
  • With BFR- there is no damage. You turn it into an anaerobic state by decreasing blood supply, which stimulates hormones- without damage
  • BFR leads to muscle hypertrophy within 12 days at 20-30% 1RM load (which would never work to build muscle without BFR)
  • You can do this 1, 2, or even 3 times a day
  • It is the partial occlusion (or blocking) of blood flow. This is all FDA approved, tested, to stay at the exact pressure that is set without variation. This leads to safer method for nerve injury and pain
  • Muscle biopsy- they found increases in Satellite Cell production
  • Blood Draw: increased levels of systemic blood hormone including IGF1 and MTORC1 (Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Complex 1)- which blocks the effects of myostatin
  • Also increases capillary density (actually an increase in VEGF (Vasuclar endothelial Growth Factor 1, which is necessary to stimulate the capillary expansion)and higher mitochondrial density, so the muscles become more efficient. What does that mean? More good blood flow. More muscle activation. More muscular endurance gains due to less muscular fatigue
  • VEGF1 also is responsible for bone osteoblast proliferation, or osteogenesis, so BFR has been used to assist in fracture healing even if in non weight bearing (NWB) situation with open chain exercise
The Science Behind It
  • The cuff that is placed on senses your arterial flow
  • Limb Occlusion Pressure is 80% on Lower, and 60% on upper due to nerve and muscle massu turn it into an anaerobic state by decreasing blood supply, which stimulates hormones- without damage
  • Perform first set of 30 repetitions, to take any remaining blood and fluid and filter it, going through all of the aerobic mechanisms
  • After some rest, you then do 3 x 15 with breaks
  • Studies have shown that with isokinetic testing, the muscle max capacity (muscle volitional contraction or MVC) returns without fatigue (which you would think!) and actually has shown to increase strength within at least 30 minutes after

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