The most popular technique within STM is Myofascial release. This technique is a hands on treatment to help improve mobility and function in abnormal tissues. After an injury or repetitive strain diagnosis, there can be high levels of tension in the surrounding tissues that can restrict motion at the joint, produce pain and tightness, decrease blood flow and more. MFR is not a deep technique, and can be used immediately (hours, days) after an injury. Often old, chronic injuries (such as a 2 year old ankle sprain) can still hold adhesions and prevent proper biomechanics.

Benefits of STM:
  • Improved blood flow to tissues
  • Increased flexibility of muscle and soft tissues
  • Increased motion in surrounding joints
  • Releases fascial restrictions between muscles
  • Decreased tension to restore improved motion
  • Reduced pain and swelling

Location(s): Burr Ridge, Naperville