Athlete Spotlight: Michael Brescia

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    My name is Michael Brescia and I am a senior and captain on the Hinsdale Central football team. I also played basketball and baseball and continued to play all three freshmen year. I continued to play football and baseball through the rest of high school. I am committed to continue my academic and athletic career at Colgate University. 
Michael Brescia (#4)

       1. When did you first know that you wanted to be involved in collegiate athletics?  
My passion to play collegiate athletics started at a young age because of all the great experiences my parents had in college playing baseball and softball.
       2. What has been the biggest challenge to staying healthy, fit, and motivated for sports during this pandemic?
The hardest thing is keeping everybody motivated for the season that we may never even get the chance to play.
       3. What has been your routine?  Was it provided to you, or did you come up with it yourself?
I’m used to being really busy and with little to do. It has been stressful. I wake up go on my computer for classes till 1130 then after that I lift. Then I either go out throwing with my receivers or read and get my homework done. I have incorporated yoga into my workout routine as well to train my muscles in different ways.
       4. Have you noticed any difference in your competitiveness by participating in fewer/no events, scrimmages, games?
I believe I’m more competitive than ever and I’m always looking for an opportunity to compete since we don’t have many chances anymore.
       5. How have you used this time to rehab and strengthen your body for when events do get back to more normalcy?
You have to understand that there’s an end to all this and what really matters is what you do during this time. I’ve taken the opportunity to both get stronger physically and mentally. I’ve also gained the understanding of not taking this for granted and giving 100% all the time.
       6. How do you plan to incorporate what you have done during this time into your old routine to help you stay healthier going forward?
I will continue to cross train and find different ways to stress my muscles as well as continuing to go on runs for cardio and do yoga.
       7. What do you look forward to most going forward into next year/your upcoming season?
I look forward to running out onto the field with my arms locked on a Friday night listening to stranglehold
Michael Brescia (#4)

       8. You have been to Achieve for a couple of injuries, can you briefly describe your injuries and how the rehabilitation at Achieve helped you to return to competitive athletics?
I had ongoing issues with my leg and knee. I finally had surgery to rehab cartilage that wasn’t fused to the bone. Craig was very accommodating and cared so much about my rehabilitation. He wanted to do anything possible to get me back to 100%. Because of his help I not only got back to 100% but I continue to get better and have seen no issues whatsoever. I also got a hematoma in my quad that started to calcify due to the blood pooling. There was a possibility since we caught it late that I would have to have surgery but due to Craig’s help we got on top of it, broke up the cartilage, and I was good to go. I am now going to play football at Colgate University and without Craig and Achieve’s help, this wouldn’t be possible.

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