Athlete Spotlight: Alexis "Lexi" Biedrzycki

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Athlete Spotlight

 Alexis “Lexi” Biedrzycki


Michigan State University Golfer


Working in the sports medicine field, we are able to see exceptional athletes on a daily basis. In our Athlete Spotlight, we focus on athletes of all ages, specialty, and level. During injury, physical therapy, or off-time, athletes tend to lose their sense of self, or purpose. Understanding how others are able to be proactive and Achieve their goals is important to the healing aspect we treat everyday. #Achievemore


           Lexi Biedrzycki, a recent graduate of  Linclon Way West High School in New Lenox, is looking forward to starting her freshman year at Michigan State University. Lexi plans to major in business and law while also playing golf for the Spartans. Lexi, a golfer since she was 5, also played soccer until she was 14. Being so active has caused Lexi some unwanted wear and tear. While injuries may have slowed down her game or caused her discomfort, Lexi maintains that physical therapy at Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute and a combination of other preventative treatments (strength training, chiropractor) has allowed her to be successful.


           Lexi attributes her holistic training approach to helping her perform at times when she would not be able to due to injury or discomfort. Currently, Lexi is preparing for her first year in college by allowing herself some “down-time” from academics and focusing on her golf game. Lexi has learned from all of her wear and tear that she needs to focus on her mechanics of golf as well as keeping her body strong. Through stability and strength, flexibility programs, and speed and agility workouts, Lexi is concentrating on staying healthy for her first collegiate season.


          Lexi is determined to one-day play professional golf on the LPGA (Ladies professional golf association) Tour. Her determination to do so has resulted in a great deal of training. During the off-season, Lexi practices indoors using a Doppler radar device so she can work on her swing and ball flight techniques. During the early spring, Lexi plays outdoors as much as possible, anywhere from 2-8 hours per day. Still, with all this hard work and time put into golf, Lexi maintains a positive, go-for-it attitude and encourages young kids to just go out and have fun. She claims that playing multiple sports and focusing on other activities while young has helped her to know that golf is what she really wants to do.


        Lexi has a great message to athletes of all ages—have fun, maintain full body preventative exercises, and don’t stop doing what you love.




Physical Therapy note: One-sport athletes get stuck doing the same repetitive motion over and over again. This chronic overuse can affect posture, muscle balance, and ligamentous integrity. Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute offers training programs to help off-set muscle imbalances, flexibility issues, strength and power, and more…



Have an athlete that you want to recognize? Whether you’re an elite runner, casual cyclist, high school football player, ex-cheerleader, high school ballet dancer or retired gymnast, we want to hear about your accomplishments! Email to be a part of the next Athlete Spotlight. #achievemore


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