#Ride2Walk - A Journey Around Lake Superior

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#Ride2Walk - A Journey Around Lake Superior

Robert “Bob” Johnson, Physical Therapist and one of the owners of Achieve, has just started a solo bicycle tour around Lake Superior!  “Movement is the Medicine” is a motto of Achieve and something that Bob holds to very strongly.  After a triumphant recovery from a heart attack in late 2012 and cancer survivor in late 2015, Bob is personally putting his belief, and practice, that ‘Movement is the Medicine’ to the test.  He has titled this solo ride around the largest freshwater lake in the world #Ride2Walk because he is trying to raise awareness and support for one of this favorite charities, Operation Walk Chicago. 

Partnering with Operation Walk Chicago in 2005, Bob uses his internationally renowned pain science approach to assist in the rehabilitation of patients’ all over the world recover and improve their quality of life.  Operation Walk Chicago, a 501(c) (3) charitable non-profit organization, provides joint replacement and rehabilitation services to disadvantaged patients globally.  Bob believes a 1,300-mile solo bicycle trip circumventing Lake Superior parallels the spirit of Operation Walk Chicago: dedication to a goal, commitment to the culture and the return of movement, and function and health.  Creating awareness of Operation Walk Chicago’s mission, and giving back to this community, provides a financial foundation for this adventure to be a win-win for everyone.

Fun Facts about Bob Johnson:

  1. Second most common name in the United States!
  2. Grew up in Iowa farm country.
  3. Physical Therapist & Co-owner of Achieve Orthopedic Rehab Institute
  4. International expert and instructor in Pain Biology & Neuroscience
  5. Alumnus of Northwestern University & Rosalind Franklin University Medical School
  6. Turning 60 during this ride!

What is Operation Walk’s mission and relationship to Bob Johnson?

  1. Operation Walk Chicago’s mission is to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged patients around the world through reducing disability from advanced joint disease
    1. Providing joint replacement and joint rehabilitation to disadvantaged patients around the world
    2. Educating local surgeons and healthcare teams
    3. Assisting in-country healthcare systems in reducing arthritis related disability
    4. Establishing educational fellowships for on-going collaboration
  2. Bob Johnson has been a lead physical therapist, and Operation walk team member, since Operation Walk’s inaugural mission to Cheng Du, China, 2005
  3. He has staffed 8 Operation Walk missions including trips in China, Ecuador, India, Nepal and Vietnam educating physical therapists and rehabilitation staff in each country
  4. Giving back is what Operation Walk does, and Bob hopes that during his ride he can raise a lot of awareness and support so that this great charity can continue giving back!

To make it easy for individuals to give, Bob has set up a Crowdrise page as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep supporters aware of Operation Walk Chicago, and up to date on #Ride2Walk.

“Everyone has something to give, and this is a great time to get involved,” said Bob.  “By making this ride, I hope more people will make an ongoing commitment to volunteering and supporting throughout the year.”

Sharon 8/8/2016

Hey Bob! I and my 2 daughters caught you at Culvers in Houghton. I hope you made it to Twin Lakes by nightfall. Keep on biking! We'll be following you online!

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